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early morning letter writing/finishing to loved ones who live much too far away.
Look, I’m sorry people have been people, but Jesus has been Jesus and I heard Him say “follow Me” and not them.
- Dan Mohler

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Anonymous asked:

My goodness, so much hate this morning from the other anon! I grew up catholic and I have to say, you are everything every person practicing any kind of religion should aspire to be. I feel like there needed to be some positive feedback in your ask box after being bombarded with such ignorance and hatred. You're such a sweet person, you don't deserve to be told you'll "burn in hell" just because someone doesn't agree with your practices. That's just my two cents. God bless. ✌️

Thank you for your kindness, darling. Thankfully, the words of others do not affect me as much as the sender thinks they probably should. The only words I take to heart are those of Jesus Christ. He has called me Beloved, and that is the beginning and ending of everything.

Continue to spread your kindness, though. The world needs it more than any of us realize.

Anonymous asked:

Wait, so how come us Christians are told so differently? You seem to do just as us Christians do, but this is not what we are told at all.

Words get twisted every day, often with emotion and past experiences fueling their movement and change. If I knew the root of all the tension amongst Christians, I’d run to it in hopes of loving the crap out of it until it realizes that we’re all working towards the same goal; to spend all of eternity in Heaven.

I wish so badly (more than words will ever convey) that I could really and truly find why Christians continue to fight against each other, their own brothers and sisters, when we are called to simply love each other as Christ does. Until then, I will love, love, love until I die.

Anonymous asked:

catholics are not christians. christians do not worship figurines, pray to mary, rely on a priest to "forgive their sins", have communions, repent to a human priest in a little box etcetc

Catholics do not worship anyone but our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We ask for Mary’s intercession on our behalf. The priest does not forgive our sins; the Lord does. Catholics receive the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ, at every mass, yes.

Anonymous asked:

Catholics are not considered Christians. You practice idolatry by praying to Mary and other saints. You believe in works and not grace. You're disgusting to say such a thing. Catholics will burn in hell because they do not believe that you should have a personal relationship with Christ.

I’m sorry you feel so strongly against Catholics, but you have been severely misinformed. Catholics are Christians (we are a branch of Christianity, just like many other religions), we ask for the intercession of saints and Mother Mary (we do not worship them; we worship only Jesus Christ), we believe in works (He calls us to spread His word and love, does He not?) and grace, and we most certainly believe in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Anonymous asked:

What religion are you? And where are you going for a mission?

I’m Catholic and I’ll be leave two weeks from today for five weeks of training for missionary work. Two weeks in to training, I’ll find out where I’m going (either on a traveling or stationery team anywhere in the U.S.), and then I’ll depart after training is finished.

Tomorrow’s freedom is today’s surrender.
- Dawn To Dusk // All Sons & Daughters