magic forest.
All the road, all the miles. Hair goes grey, eyes stay wide. Come to bed, turn off the lights, fall asleep inside. You’re the one, you’re the one. Hearts grow into hearts until hearts become one. You’re the one, you’re the one. I carry you heart in my heart sung with every song.
- Dirty Old Town // Craig Cardiff


Tennessee you looked really great today. Just thought I’d let ya know. #southeastisbeast #tennessee #landscape #vscocam (at Great Smokey Mountains)

shoot dang!

This was a great place to work. #tbt 
Anonymous asked:

i love when you post little things about happy moments in your life even when its just sitting enjoying the evening with good people and good music. it reminds me to stop and appreciate those moments in my own life :)

Mmm! I need to do more of it — there’s so much goodness in this life that I so often take for granted. I’m glad it’s helped you look at moments in your life a little differently.



Sincerely, Kinsey

friday in hampstead. by hjartesmil on Flickr.