Anonymous asked:

Can we send you letters even if we don't *need* to talk to you?

Oh my gosh, yes! Handwritten letters speak straight to my heart.


Godly women + a coffee break. #goodthings (at Caribou Coffee Company)

hiiii, friends! just a little fyi: i left for nine months of missionary work this past thursday (8/14). i will be very hard to reach via social media, so here’s a few addresses (message me if you’d prefer my email) if y’all need them. throw some extra prayers my way if you think of it, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any specific prayer requests!

xo, katie

until august 31:
Katie Fafinski
c/o Lake Wapogasset Bible Camp
738 Hickory Point Lane
Amery, WI 54001-9520

after august 31:
Katie Fafinski
c/o NET Ministries
110 Crusader Ave. W
West St. Paul, MN 55118

thankful for moments of vulnerability, sisters in Christ, familiar faces amidst a season of unfamiliar transition, people who understand i receive love best through physical touch + quality time, the ability to fall asleep to clair de lune on repeat, people who understand that a fresh pot of coffee at 9:00p is sometimes needed, and ending the evening with a hot shower + my extra soft sleeping bag.

Today marks the beginning of nine months of missionary work with @netministries. Overwhelmed with love, and humbled by the kindness of others. Heartache over leaving the ones I love for so long, but filled with gratitude to have been given this opportunity. Let’s freakin’ do this. #netministries

be ready, in and out of season. 

Good morningggg!