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Oh. Amazing.

Can’t wait to be a mom one day!!

i want to hold your hand in the car on the way to mass and continue doing so once we’re there. i want to sleep in the safety of your arms and help you button your shirt before you head out the door. i want to cook for you and kiss you in between stirring + taking things out of the oven. i want to drink wine with you and share the details of our days. i want to slip out of bed in the morning to make you coffee + bacon before you wake up. i want to lay in bed and listen to our favorite songs. i want to go hiking and camping with you. i want to put my hand in your back pocket while we walk. i want to build things with you: a kitchen table, trust, a relationship, a family, a home.


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Travel Alberta

thankful for:

- hugs and cheek kisses from the women on my team.
- people are willing to sit down, look you in the eye, and tell you about their messy past… and then listen to you tell them about yours.
- cool morning air and bright sunrises that produce fog-covered hills and forests.
- people who understand that my lack of presence does not equate to a lack of love.
- knowing that there were five other people on my team that were down for driving forty minutes both ways to get coffee today, and spending time in prayer together on the way there and back in the car.
- hot showers after stressful days.
- receiving support from my co-leader in my decisions and encouragement during my times of weakness.
- ending the day with dirt on my feet and wind-swept hair.